Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week Two Check-in - The Artist's Way

This week went by incredibly fast and getting all the tasks, Morning Pages, Artist Date, etc. done was just under the line of my due date, last night at midnight. Writing three pages of Morning Pages, every morning, without cheating by writing large or drawing pictures was a challenge. Just going with the flow, writing down whatever *stuff* comes to mind - without the interference with my internal self editor - makes me feel like I am just trashing everything in sight. But getting the junk out leaves room for good things pouring in and I'm willing to do the work required.
Not that everything in the Morning Pages is all bad news however... I do find myself pouring out ideas for things to work on, gentle 'to do' lists andthat sort of thing. If I could ever turn that list of ideas into real working art and organizing them along some template or form, I'd be able to really work through things in a series, etc. Perhaps there is some kind of freeware out there that does that kind of thing, perhaps for writers and I can adapt it to series art? I'm open to suggestions.
My artist date this week was terrific for someone who has my particular slant on quilt art that is also assemblage/collage based. I went to my local, old-school hometown hardware store,Grisanti's. Now this store can hold anything from nails, PVC extenders to 2 inch forms for making chocolate candy bears. They always keep askingif they can help me, they are very service oriented, (not like the box stores) and they can't understand why I just like to wander, laugh and come up to the counter with a conglomeration of stuff that just looks like cr@p! But I had a terrific time.
My tasks,including creating personal affirmations that counter my inner critic's blurts of, "you're not a real artist", "when was the last time you sold something?", etc. have become easier to do this week. I am working with them in more detail and not just taking short-cuts to say I completed things (to serve who's interest?) BTW, my alternate lives (if I could live them) this week were: clothing designer, cake decorator, florist, art teacher for K-12, and I can't remember.
So, all in all, it was a pretty good week with me getting work started, finished and other stages in between. The important thing is...I'm working as an artist. And in the end, that's all I'm looking for.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

O.K. Blogger and Etsy Shop up on Facebook

I know the people that develop these programs **do** try to make it fairly easy for the technically-challenged to put it all together... But, I must really be at the high-end of T-C. That's the new application that Facebook should come up with - the 'How Technically-Challenged are you compared to Dawn Perry." Folks, I think we have a winner...

Attempting to add Blogger to my Facebook Page

If anyone else is struggling with this option, can you share your experience?

Many thanks in advance,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fiber & Stitch at the Steynberg Gallery

Please join us for the Opening Reception of Fiber and Stitch during Art After Dark in San Luis Obispo, Friday, June 5th, 2009 from 6-9 PM at the Steynberg Gallery. Maps The show runs June 5th - June 30th, 2009.

Artists included inn this exhibit are:

Andi Perejda
Beryl Riechenberg
Catherine Currie
Claudia Davis
Dawn Perry
Gay McNeal
Gigi Kandler
Jackie Bradley
Janine Kirkpatrick
Jeanne Surber
Joan McBain
Joanne Hand
Kate Froman
Kathy Howard
Michelle Peerson
Myla Collier
Pamela Price Klebaum
Ranell Hansen
Rene Jennings
Sheila Lynn
Theresa Perry

Thank you for helping support your local artists and galleries! For more information about Art After Dark, please contact Arts Obispo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Call for Fiber Art at the Steynberg Gallery

I am assisting Peter Steynberg by collecting entries through our Cutting Edge Fiber Art Group. You may enter up to three pieces, excluding any that showed at our December fine arts show through the San Luis Obispo Art Center. I will be sending entry forms to all members via email automatically. Please forward to anyone in your circle that meets a Craft as Fine Art criteria.

Peter Steynberg has graciously opened his schedule to us and placed our show in the month of June 2009, his busiest tourist/income month. Thank you Peter! Please take a look at Peter's website,
Steynberg Gallery and then decide if this is the place for your work to exhibit. Also, look at the past exhibit of ours at the SLO Art Center .

Looking forward to another fantastic show with you pushing the boundaries even further in your work.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quilt Art Classes Offered

February and March 2009
dates to be announced)
- Classes scheduled for Betty's Fabric in SLO Town-
email: dperryartist at for more information.

Beginning Fabric Collage - One weekend course (3 hours each day)
Maximum capacity - six to a class for more one-on-one time with instructor $45.00
Must bring sewing machine with straight-stitch and zigzag capabilities that you are familiar with.

Abstracting from Nature - Course over two weekends (3 hours each day)
Build your personalized wall collage from the bounties of nature. We will discuss and work hands on with abstracting forms from nature and then translating them through fiber, threads, paints, etc.
Maximum capacity - six to a class for more one-on-one time with instructor $85.00
Must bring sewing machine with straight-stitch and zigzag capabilities that you are familiar with.

Let's get busy at Betty's!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Open Studios Tour 2008 Weekend One!

What a terrific turnout and wonderful people...

I just love being an artist in San Luis Obispo County. Arts Obispo has put together another wonderful year of promoting artists here on the Central Coast. Though the mornings were a bit nippy as the mercury dropped Friday night - hot spiced cider hit the spot at the studios of myself, Dawn Perry and Lauren Birkhahn. Here are a few studio and gallery shots to whet your appetite for the Encore Weekend October 25th and 26th.

Consider yourself invited!

My work space and two of my newest quilts

Some smaller pieces and lovely work light!

ONE section of the marvelous stash!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Show results and new work!

The Atascadero Wine Festival was such a great experience and a terrific day, tho' a bit on the warm side. Attendance was terrific even with the temperature being high. (O.K., so high is high? They were icing the RED WINES!!!)

I met a lot of people who had never experienced my form of quilt art. The idea that I use found, non-fabric materials and artifacts was very intriguing to many people. I had two leads on future commissions which was a perfect end for the day. That kind of exposure is hard to come by and is usually found only when showing in a gallery or by word of mouth.

BTW, we raised money for the Charles Paddock Zoo, the only zoo located in all of San Luis Obispo County.

Here is a smaller piece I have just finished: